They call me Mommy Stephanie and sometimes Granny...
Wouldn’t you love a granny as cute as my ass. It really tickles me when the kids call me granny. Reminds me of when you would spend weekends and summers with me all the secrets we shared... you were such a naïve little boy, so inexperienced.
I love remembering when you were younger. Hell, I love talking about when you’re older too!
Older broads are the very best at guidance and exploration.
If any of this rings true or any other thing that strikes your thoughts and desires you need to spend some time with Granny Steph
Do you love the feel of silk?
Did you peek? Are you touching your young P-P?
Is your Weenie small, do you need someone to understand? Does your wife like you to watch? Are you watching that Big hard Black cock in my white pussy? Do you have a sexy secretary, older and wiser? Do you need control of your penis? Honey ARE those MY PANTIES …
What do you have on now?


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